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Littering is wrong. Tell us something else that is just as brainless, irrational, thoughtless and rude as littering and you could win!

The funniest, most original ‘wrong’ each week wins $500 and will be featured in future Keep Australia Beautiful campaigns.

Plus, twenty runners-up from each state and territory will receive a free Whopper® thanks to Hungry Jack’s®.

Reliable Buyers Agent Sydney

Reliable Buyers Agent Sydney

Property investment is a precarious business, and without a good buyers agent Sydney many mistakes are likely to frustrate ambitions. With a reliable broker such pitfalls can be curtailed. There are certain areas an agent is able to handle best.
Clients who need a Thomas Gould buyers agent Sydney have to settle an engagement fee: when there is a property search involved. A settlement fee is paid once the property has successfully been transferred to a client.
Another way property can be acquired is through a public auction. There is not another activity that is as draining as bidding. The posturing and mind games involved in the process are the agent’s specialty. If regular bidding is thus ponderous, imagine what a first time experience would do to a client who is not represented by a buyers agent Sydney. Although clients may ultimately acquire auction property, they may do so at a prodigious financial drain.
Researching Property
With a buyers agent Sydney, clients don’t have to go through the seemingly odious task of finding a piece of property they like and is within their budget. The agent may already know of certain properties within a clients range. Where certainty cannot be guaranteed, the agent conducts research and prepares a list of suitable properties that may interest clients. If, from the list compiled, the client find a good property then a physical visit of the property takes place. Upon inspection clients can express interest: the realtors cue to begin price negotiations and other settlements.
Clients may be able to find property on their own, but sometimes negotiating a reasonable fee proves daunting. This is where a seasoned buyers agent Sydney is required. The agent is able to make evaluations of the property to determine a fair price for clients.

Protect Your Feet at Work with Caterpillar Safety Boots

Protect Your Feet at Work with Caterpillar Safety Boots

If you work in construction, then it is essential to protect your feet with high-quality Caterpillar safety boots. Sturdy footwear that prevents injuries to the toes and ankles is necessary and often required by employers. There are numerous footwear companies that make cheap shoes that are available at high prices, but Caterpillar Inc. is well-known for making products that are durable and affordable. Caterpillar safety boots are designed, manufactured and marketed by Wolverine Worldwide. 

Caterpillar safety boots are made in an assortment of sizes, colors and styles for women and men who need to prevent ankle and foot injuries. There are styles with short, medium and tall ankle shafts that are suitable for different occupations or hobbies. If you ride a motorcycle, then choosing footwear with a tall shaft is recommended to protect the lower portion of the legs. You can also wear waterproof Caterpillar safety boots in extreme weather conditions such as snowstorms to avoid damp feet. 

Many styles of Brand House Direct – Caterpillar work boots are made with steel reinforcements in the toe box to prevent broken toes from dropped tools and equipment. A construction worker might want to select footwear with a steel midsole to avoid punctures from nails and staples while working on the high beams of buildings. A nice pair of work boots can also make a great fashion statement with the right outfit such as jeans and a flannel shirt at an outdoor event, including a ball game.

Shopping For Cheap Dog Beds

Shopping For Cheap Dog Beds
Shopping for cheap dog beds isn’t a task that requires a lot of time or planning. Most discount home goods retailers sell cheap dog beds, for example. Pet supply stores also are great places for owners to look for cheap dog beds. Not only do these kinds of stores usually have inexpensive pet bedding options available, but they also generally have extensive selections. If an individual is shopping for a bed for his dog, he should find an option that not only fits his budget but that also is comfortable. If a dog doesn’t find a pet bed comfortable, he’ll likely refuse to use it or sleep in it at all, making the purchase a waste of money regardless of how affordable it initially was.

Busy dog owners aren’t restricted to shopping for www.doggybeds.com.au – cheap dog beds in pet supply stores that are local to them. Many online pet supply shops, for example, carry many types of pet beds. If a dog owner looks for bedding options on the internet, he can open himself up to many products beyond just those that are available in his city’s store. There are many reputable and trustworthy pet supply retailers on the internet.

Some people are reluctant to purchase pet beds they can’t touch and feel for themselves. If you’re shopping for cheap dog beds online, make a point to take note of the materials used. Knowledge of the materials can help give you a good idea of how the bed may feel. Also research the online store’s return policy. If your pet doesn’t like it after you receive it in the mail, you may just be able to return it and get your money back.